Partying in Pajamas

Many of us have heard this phrase “this is the new normal” a few times but what does it mean for you at work?

The pandemic has affected both our personal and work life. Employers have been forced to think about how they work and what they value. Companies had to adapt quickly at the start of the pandemic, which meant adapting a style or remote working and now many companies are taking the time out to think about if it is sustainable and if so, how they can improve engagement across a remote team. 

For those who did not have a taste of remote working pre-pandemic, they have had to quickly  adapt to the short commutes, often from your bed to the desk, the endless number of video calls and the often casual attire that no one sees.  But it is not all fun and games for remote staff and there are challenges that come with working from home. These can include, inadequate space and office equipment, extended hours and no clear division between work and life.  The lack of social interaction can also be a challenge for those who often enjoyed a chit chat while taking their 11am coffee break.

This “new normal” where companies adapt some style of remote working, be it a fully remote workforce or a hybrid model means that companies have to get creative with how they engage team members and how they build a strong remote team as this will be key developing a workforce that is productive, adaptable and efficient. 

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